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Walking Frames
Walking Stick Souvenir Emblems
Walking Sticks
Wall Facings
Wall Lamps
Wall Units And Partitions For Offices
Walls For Climbing And Scaling
Walnut Oil
Ward Catering Kitchens For Hospitals
Warehouse And Business Premise Equipment
Warehousing Technology And Automation
Warehousing Technology; Flexible
Warning Light-Bars
Warning Marker Films
Wash Stands; Sanitary
Wash-Basins For Bathrooms
Washing And Cleaning Agents For Motor Vehicles
Washing Machines; Electric
Waste And Raw Products
Waste Based Paper For Corrugated Cardboard
Waste Bins; Pedal Bins
Waste Classification
Waste Incineration Plants
Waste Management Concepts
Waste Paper Presses
Waste Paper Recycling
Waste Treatment; Disposal; Recycling And Analysis
Waste Utilization By Means Of Pyrolysis
Waste-Water Treatment Plants Wtp
Watch And Clock Repair Services
Watch Bracelets Of Metal
Watch Straps Of Leather
Watches For Advertising Purposes
Water Analysis Instruments And Systems
Water Conditioning And Sewage Treatment
Water Coolers; Air-Cooled
Water Cooling Sets
Water Filters
Water Hydraulics
Water Line Renovation
Water Meters For Dosing Purposes
Water Recirculation Installations
Water Towers
Water Trace Detectors
Water Treatment For Air Humidifiers
Water; Chemically Pure
Waterproofing Services
Wax Roses
Waxes For Coating Cheese
Waxes; Technical Waxes
Weapon Cleaning Agents; Weapon Care Agents
Weapons Cases And Carriers
Wear Reduction Technology For Metallic Components
Wearing Parts For Construction And Mining Machinery
Weather Stations
Weaving Yarns
Web Offset Printing Services
Weighing Plants
Weighing Scoops
Weighing; Dosing And Mixing Plants For Confectionery; Foodstuff And Wine
Welded Parts
Welded Stainless Steel Structures
Welding And Cutting Technology
Welding Chucking Apparatus
Welding Machines For Plastics; Used
Welding Shops For Plastics
Welding Studs; Welding Pins
Welding Supplies
Well Drilling Rigs
Wet Glue Labels
Wetsuits; Surfwear
Wheat Flour
Wheat Germs
Wheel Joints; Wheel Guiding Systems
Whole Foods
Wicker Furniture
Wide Flange Beams
Wide-Angle Rear-View Mirrors
Wide-Head Pins
Wild Fruit; Wild Fruit Products
Wind Protection Walls
Wind Sleeves
Winders; Simple And Automatic Winders And Unwinders
Winding Drives Dc/Three-Phase Current
Winding Wire
Windmill Rotor Blades
Window And Door Fittings
Windows Of Aluminium And Plastics; Combined
Windows Of Wood And Aluminium; Combined
Windscreen Wiper Blades
Windscreen Wipers
Windsurfing Accessories
Windsurfing Masts Made Of Plastic
Windsurfing Sails
Wine And Sparkling Wine Production Equipment
Wine Casks
Wine Imports
Wine Packaging
Wine Refrigerators
Wire And Strip Bending Machines; Used
Wire Cable Holders
Wire Cable Processing; Wire Cable Fabrication
Wire Gauze Enclosures
Wire Gratings; Spot-Welded
Wire Grilles; Spot-Welded
Wire Hooks
Wire Netting Machines
Wire Resistors
Wire Rods And Axes
Wire Rods; Straightened And Cut
Wire Ropes
Wireless Communication Systems
Wiring Systems
Wood and Furniture
Wood And Timber; Sawn And Planed
Wood Boards; Solid
Wood Carving Machines
Wood Chipping Machines
Wood Cuttings
Wood Design
Wood Design Panels
Wood Fibre Boards; Hardboards
Wood Preservatives
Wood Profiles
Wood Recycling
Wood Screws
Wood Signs
Wood Storage
Wood Turning Tools
Wood Turnings; Also Crafts
Wood Waxes
Wood Wood and Furniture
Wooden Articles For Industrial Purposes
Wooden Articles; Mass Production
Wooden Barrel Manufacturing Machines
Wooden Barrels
Wooden Beams
Wooden Constructions
Wooden Fences
Wooden Flooring
Wooden Frames
Wooden Houses
Wooden Items; Artistic Handcrafts
Wooden Items; Hand-Crafted
Wooden Jewellery
Wooden Knobs
Wooden Mouldings
Wooden Packagings
Wooden Poles
Wooden Shoes And Slippers
Wooden Stairs
Wooden Suitcases
Wooden Toys
Woodworking Machinery
Wool And Woollen Blend Yarns
Wool Carding; Washing And Carbonating Plants
Wool Felts
Woollen Carpets; Machine-Woven
Woollen Duvets
Woollen Fabrics
Woollen Goods
Woollen Slippers
Work And Trade Clothing
Work Clothes
Work Clothes For Industry And Public Services
Workpiece Machining
Works Equipment
Workshop And Business Premise Equipment
Workshop Supplies For Industry
Workshops For Design
Worsted Spinning Machines
Worsted Yarns
Wound Components; Electronic
Woven Cotton Fabrics
Wrapping Paper
Wristwatch Cases
Writing Boards; Electronic
Writing Cabinets
Writing Pads
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